Thursday, 25 November 2010


Thank you Dearest Interview

Who are your musical influences?
Kane: Just stuff like The Architects, and general hardcore bands around now like Cancer Bats and Gallows.
Rob: For the record, I hate heavy metal core music. I like my funky stuff Hendrix, flea, Parkway drive are a metal but are pretty good.
Dana: My influences just sound faggy because my option was friends and family, but yeah Im gonna say Bring me the Horizon

What would you want your first music video to be like?
Kane: Absolute carnage
Dana: pointless carnage, just people trashing everything
Kane: like duality, but lets face it were better than slipknot
Rob: except we dont wear masks
Dana: we are more attractive, sorry to any slipknot fans reading, we would play our heaviest song and people will just destroy stuff, including our instruments!

What are your plans for 2011?
Dana: taking over the world, musically not actually taking over the world.
Kane: In comparison to the other two, Im gonna do jack all next year.
Dana: no but seriously, were gonna bring out an album
Kane: I was thinking about the name of the album on the way here, maybe Cutting our losses.

What inspired your first song Premature Eulogy?
Kane: Nothing influenced us, it was a very spare of the moment thing
Dana: Basically it was about people I dont like, so everyone that I dont like, well done youve got a song about you, I dont really know musically cause I dont have much involvement in the music side of things, but lyrically it was quite angry, kind of just anger to the world.

How do you handle the pressure of being the new band in the spotlight?
Rob: I love it, groupies!
Dana: I knew youd say something like that, I think we all handle it very well, I dont think its quite sunk in yet, but Im sure hopefully that will change.
Kane: yeah, I could do something crazy and dye my hair, maybe paint my nails.
Dana: but yeah, we have been occasionally recognized in the street a couple of times
Kane: as me and rob play the instruments, Dana gets all the limelight, and I just tend to block out people I dont like anyway.
Dana: But youre the talented ones!
Rob: People dont even know bass is an instrument, I only learnt how to play bass before this interview.

Hopefully we will see more of Thank you Dearest soon, keep your eyes pealed for the new single coming out soon Scent Of Summer and check them out on myspace.

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