Wednesday, 20 October 2010

final idea of contents page


1 Introduction to sport at wyke

2-4 Football team

                             5-6 Netball Team

7-10 BTEC and A level sport

                                          11-12 Rugby Team

13-14 Basketball team

             15-17 Information on starting enrichment

                                     18-20 Teachers Opinion

21-23 sports players opinion

                                           23-25 Your review

photo for contents page

I have chosen this picture to go onto my contents page, to make it less boring and have something eyecatching on the page. I have blurred the picture so that it doesnt draw too much attention from the actual meaning of the contents page.

LIIAR analysis of my college magazine

Language- I have made my masthead bold and clear to read by using dark colours, black and purple, i used the purple to represent the colours of the wyke sport kit. All the rest of the text at the top of the front cover is the same colour, whereas the text at the bottom of the front cover is green which is the other colour that represents wyke college, it also contrasts with the green colour of the pitch.

Institution- My magazine is called Wyke Sport Weekly, I chose this name because its kind of like alliteration and its short and snappy, but basically explains the magazine very well. The magazine is about sport at wyke and the text talks about all the important things going on in the sporting area.

Ideology- I wanted to make this magazine to inform all sport students about what will be happening in the week, including matches and scores, trips and players.

Audience- The target audience for my magazine is varied from 1st years to 2nd years, so basically 16-18, both male and female, preferably for people who enjoy sports, but i would also like it to attract other students aswell.

Representation- My front cover shows my model Hannah Start, who is dressed ready to play a game of football. I thought the picture would be more effective for the model to be stood with her back towards the picture, as its different and it also shows on the back of her hoody that she represents the college. This picture could appeal to both girls who would envy and be jealous of her, and boys would also to read as the football side appeals to them.

Final front cover

This is my final version of my front cover, the picture of the model is a mid shot, i have placed the text suitablely around the picture, i have also used a colour and font appropriate for my magazine as it doesnt mess up the rest of the front cover. I have used the colours of the wyke logo, to show it represents this college. I have used things that are used in real life magazines such as price, slogan, masthead, date, issue number and bardcode.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

written copy of the front cover

written copy of contents page

rough idea of contents page

1 Introduction to sport at wyke college.

2-4 Football team

5-6 Netball Team

7-10 BTEC and A level sport

11-12 Rugby Team

13-14 Basketball team

15-17 Information on starting enrichment

18-20 Teachers Opinion

21-23 sports players opinion

23-25 Your review

Monday, 18 October 2010

I think this picture is suiteable for the front cover because it shows the model in action, she is also wearing a Wyke College Sport hoody, which shows she represents the college, she is holding a football and so it clearly shows which sport she plays for the college. This picture also gives me space to put text around the side of the picture. The colours are bright and so doesnt mess up the colour of the font which is going to be black.

font of content page

i have decided to use the same font from the front cover for the contents page, so make it look original and not all muddled up, the font is also very sporty and may see it on say footballers shirts, and so it represents this magazine.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Contents Page

  • page1 Introduction to sport at wyke college
  • pages2-4 Football Team
  • pages5-6 Netball Team
  • pages7-10 BTEC and A level psort
  • pages11-12 Rugby Team
  • pages13-14 Baskbetball Team
  • pages15-17 Information on starting Enrichment
  • pages18-20 Teachers opinion
  • pages21-23 Interviews with sports players
  • pages23-25 your reviews

idea for front cover

I was going to use this picture as my front cover, the reason i didnt was because I realised that this was not a mid shot of the person, and so i have decided to keep the picture to show my progress, i may also use this picture as another part of the magazine.

Masthead idea

I have chosen this masthead because it uses alliteration, it also acts as a tongue tier, but at the same time is very catchy and links with the genre of magazine.

Monday, 11 October 2010


I researched fonts on the internet that represent sports,to help chose one for my college magazine.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Magazine front covers terms

Term                                                              Description
Masthead title piece                        The magazines title. Usually displayed in the top left corner.

Price                                               Magazine cost.

Date                                               Weekly: Usually from saturday to friday. Monthy: a month ahead

Issue Number                                 A tally of magazines.

Barcode                                         Read electronically and decoded into usable information

Teaser                                           One word/ phrase acts as an attention grabber.

Main Feature: Headline                  A phrase that may summarise the main point of the main feature. In large
                                                     print, different style, bold colours to catch attention of the reader.

Subtitle                                         Smaller headline that may summarise the feature.
Smaller feature                              Features included in the magazine

Images                                          Size: CU to med CU. Ranges from one main image to x amount featuring
                                                     one main image and smaller images. Helps make the page look more
                                                     interesting. It can add understanding of a story and/or entice someone to
                                                     read the magazine.

Font                                              Style and size of type face.

Colour                                          Specific/stylistic/thematic types.

Graphics                                       Graphical shapes to highlight features

Offers/ adverts blurb                     Banner-style shape featuring free products/promotions

LIIAR Analysis 2

Language- Use of a bold masthead in black that contrasts with the red background, with information about the rest of the magazine underneath.

Institution- This magazine is called VIBE and its about all round general college, talking about freshers tickets and a special report.

Ideology- The person that produced the magazine wanted to inform the students at the college about everything going on in the week.

Audience- The target audience of this college magazine would be male and female and also teachers that would be interested what is going on, from ages 16-18.

Representation- The front cover shows a girl, who looks very fashionable, and so is represented as an icon to girls and also appeals to the boys aswell.

outline of the brief

Preliminary exercise-
    • Use DTP
    • Image Manipulation program
    • Front page of a new school/college magazine
    • Photograph of a student in medium close-up
    • Appropriately laid-out text
    • Masthead
    • Produce a mock up of the layout of the contents page.

LIIAR analysis

Language- The masthead is bold and the text is in a usual sporty font. At the bottom of the front cover there also larger text in capital letters, which acts like a slogan, then underneath there is a question which makes the audience want to carry on reading.

Institution- The institution is College Sports, the person that produced this magazine, wanted to review sports and tell the readers how big sports is as part of a college.

Ideology- Peyton manning was trying to make a big impact on sports at college, trying to promote it basically, by telling the reader about NFL teams, and olympic previews.

Audience- The audience is aimed for the students at the college, mainly the students that chose sport as it will be interesting for them, male and female.

Representation- The magazine is represented as sport based, the front cover shows an American football player who is represented as strong and fit, at the bottom it says "Why are NFL teams drooling over Tennessee's Peyton Manning, which shows he is 'hero' figure, this also influences girls at the college to read about this amazng player.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Language- Masthead that appeals to the college, logo, text on front cover and contents page.

Institution- Produced by Claire Grice

Ideology- Im trying to make a big impact on the magazine, by telling the reader how great the college is as a whole, the amazing facilities and all the sporting things going on here such as, football, Rugby and Basketball, which will hopefully persuade the reader to want to start an activity at wyke.

Audience- The magazine is aimed for the students here, which ranges from 16-18, male and female.

Representation- The magazine is going to be represented as sport based to influence readers to want to join a sport. Sporty people are mainly represented as fit, strong and healthy.