Friday, 8 October 2010

Magazine front covers terms

Term                                                              Description
Masthead title piece                        The magazines title. Usually displayed in the top left corner.

Price                                               Magazine cost.

Date                                               Weekly: Usually from saturday to friday. Monthy: a month ahead

Issue Number                                 A tally of magazines.

Barcode                                         Read electronically and decoded into usable information

Teaser                                           One word/ phrase acts as an attention grabber.

Main Feature: Headline                  A phrase that may summarise the main point of the main feature. In large
                                                     print, different style, bold colours to catch attention of the reader.

Subtitle                                         Smaller headline that may summarise the feature.
Smaller feature                              Features included in the magazine

Images                                          Size: CU to med CU. Ranges from one main image to x amount featuring
                                                     one main image and smaller images. Helps make the page look more
                                                     interesting. It can add understanding of a story and/or entice someone to
                                                     read the magazine.

Font                                              Style and size of type face.

Colour                                          Specific/stylistic/thematic types.

Graphics                                       Graphical shapes to highlight features

Offers/ adverts blurb                     Banner-style shape featuring free products/promotions

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