Wednesday, 20 October 2010

LIIAR analysis of my college magazine

Language- I have made my masthead bold and clear to read by using dark colours, black and purple, i used the purple to represent the colours of the wyke sport kit. All the rest of the text at the top of the front cover is the same colour, whereas the text at the bottom of the front cover is green which is the other colour that represents wyke college, it also contrasts with the green colour of the pitch.

Institution- My magazine is called Wyke Sport Weekly, I chose this name because its kind of like alliteration and its short and snappy, but basically explains the magazine very well. The magazine is about sport at wyke and the text talks about all the important things going on in the sporting area.

Ideology- I wanted to make this magazine to inform all sport students about what will be happening in the week, including matches and scores, trips and players.

Audience- The target audience for my magazine is varied from 1st years to 2nd years, so basically 16-18, both male and female, preferably for people who enjoy sports, but i would also like it to attract other students aswell.

Representation- My front cover shows my model Hannah Start, who is dressed ready to play a game of football. I thought the picture would be more effective for the model to be stood with her back towards the picture, as its different and it also shows on the back of her hoody that she represents the college. This picture could appeal to both girls who would envy and be jealous of her, and boys would also to read as the football side appeals to them.

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  1. Claire, this is a good cover that is only a few drafts away from looking really professional.

    There are a few things that you could do in order to improve your grade for the next assignment:
    - Always try to do more than the bare minimum, so a more developed contents page would have been good.
    - Post more evidence of drafts from the Photoshopping process by saving your work as .jpgs as you go along (this allows the examiner to see how your work has developed and the changes that you have made to it).

    Keep up the good work and I'm sure that you'll be happy with the grade that you get at the end of the year :-)