Friday, 8 October 2010

LIIAR analysis

Language- The masthead is bold and the text is in a usual sporty font. At the bottom of the front cover there also larger text in capital letters, which acts like a slogan, then underneath there is a question which makes the audience want to carry on reading.

Institution- The institution is College Sports, the person that produced this magazine, wanted to review sports and tell the readers how big sports is as part of a college.

Ideology- Peyton manning was trying to make a big impact on sports at college, trying to promote it basically, by telling the reader about NFL teams, and olympic previews.

Audience- The audience is aimed for the students at the college, mainly the students that chose sport as it will be interesting for them, male and female.

Representation- The magazine is represented as sport based, the front cover shows an American football player who is represented as strong and fit, at the bottom it says "Why are NFL teams drooling over Tennessee's Peyton Manning, which shows he is 'hero' figure, this also influences girls at the college to read about this amazng player.

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