Friday, 5 November 2010

LIIAR analysis of Kerrang magazine

Language- The masthead is in a large font, also in capital letters and the text is white behind a black background to make it stand out. They have made the masthead look like its being smashed by the sound or by the instuments, because rock is so heavy. Hayley Williams is the main feature of the front cover, and as she is wearing a yellow and black t-shirt, they have made the rest of the text on the front cover the same colour, to make it contrast and give it that house style effect. They have used a mid-shot of Hayley to show what she is wearing and to show her emotion, as the caption says "I have nothing left to prove..." her emotion is quite unhappy and she actually looks like she has nothing left to prove, obviously this story will go into more detail when reading the magazine. The double page spread goes into more detail about the caption on the front cover, as Hayley answers questions from the readers.

Institution- The magazine is called Kerrang, which could arguably be the biggest rock magazine in the UK, not only that but it also has a music channel on Sky, plus a website which is has a different way of reaching the audience as the magazine does as it allows you to give your own opinions on the stories they talk about, you can enter compitions easily, watch podcasts of bands and also play games, which can be more entertaining to people than reading the magazine.

Ideology- Kerrang have made Hayley Williams the main headline of the magazine for this particular week, so she will have the biggest story in the whole magazine, which suggests that most people will buy the magazine to read about what she has to has to say, other will buy the magazine simply because they like Hayley or the band she is in (Paramore). As the caption says that she has nothing left to give, the readers will want to read it to find out if she's going through a rough time, or if shes going to quite the band etc.

Audience- I believe that Kerrang magazine targets a niche audience, those of which that are into Rock/Metal music you can tell this because of the bands listed on the front cover, so obviously people that like dance or pop music will not be interested in this magazine. Again as its Hayley williams on the front cover, kerrang are trying to engage young male readers 15-20 who dream of dating her and engaging young female readers also as she is their idol and they want to be her. The price on this magazine is £2.20 which is a reasonable amount for people to pay, as it has at least 65 pages including the biggest news and free posters, new issues come out every wednesday, so a lot of the readers dont mind paying £2.20 every week. The SEG for the readers of Kerrang i would say is about C2-E as its targeted to a younger audience.

Representation- Hayley Williams on the front cover is represented to be as if she is lost on her own, and needs somebody to guide her, this connotes with her t-shirt as it says 'security' and is also in the colours of yellow and black which are the colours of hazard and danger. They have made the colour of the rest of the text on the front cover the same as Hayley's t-shirt to show that the limelight is all on her this week. The contents page, makes use of the same colours as the front cover so that it doesnt confuse the reader, also to make it look effective and make the colours contrast with the black and yellow, also telling you what is on the pages, they have placed pictures all around it next to the page its on.

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