Monday, 8 November 2010

LIIAR analysis of NME magazine

Language- The masthead is in a large font to make it noticeable, its also bold and in capital letters which makes it stand out even more. The main feature of the front cover is celebrating 40 years of Glastonbury, quoting underneath "THE WORLDS GREATEST FESTIVAL" and so everything placed on the front cover and probably in the whole magazine will be linked with the Glastonbury festival. They have used appropriate colours for text to fit in with the background image.

Institution- The magazine is called NME, which suggests that its shortened for 'enemy' maybe to show that its an enemy to all other indie/rock magazines. It is also probably the biggest indie/rock magazine in the country, again like Kerrang magazine they have a website for people to access and also a sky channel, which is quite close to the Kerrang channel, which gives the readers even more information as it shows the music video's, this can be more entertaining for the readers.

Ideology- NME magazine have done a feature of Glastonbury festival as its one of the biggest events in the UK and its talked about nearly all year. They have brought this issue out around the time that the festival was starting to give festival goers more information and gives non festival goers an insight to the bands/singers headlining or featuring at Glastonbury. It also goes back to when the festival first started so it also has some history for readers interested. As the caption says its worlds greatest festival and so that encourages and persuades readers to read the magazine but also buy a ticket for that festival.

Audience- I believe that NME again targets a vary of audiences, i would say mostly half indie pop/rock such as bands like Biffy Clyro- Rock, Jamie T- Indie and Florence and the Machine- Indie/pop. As it shows a picture of the bestival on the front cover, the magazine is trying to target quite a young audience 16-24

Representation- The picture on the front cover is represented as being amazing, as you can tell there are a lot of people there and also there are a lot of national flags, which means brings a lot of tourists and influences people from all over the world. They have also made the colours on the front cover blue,red and white which represent the Great Britain flag. The contents page is sectioned off, to show different pages, but all the stories link to the Glastonbury festival. In this magazine, they dont really make use of a double page spread dedicated to the front cover, as every story in this magazine links back to the festival.

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