Monday, 15 November 2010

LIIAR analysis of Rock Sound magazine

Language- The masthead is in a large font, also in capitals and in red, when you look closely it seems as if the words are being ripped. The main feature of this issue is 'The Gaslight Anthem' and the caption underneath says 'step it up' which suggests that they have improved a lot from their last album, this shows that they are going to be on the double page spread. The front cover makes use of a maximum of 3 colours, which makes it looks simple but eye catching. The contents page also has the same colours from the front cover, so that its looks well thought out. The font is big and easy to read, placing pictures in the correct order with the page numbers.

Institution- The magazine is called Rock Sound, which basically states the obvious, that its a rock magazine. This magazine is huge in the UK as it competes with the 2 other magazines i have analysed 'Kerrang' and 'NME', they also have a website which shows you all the issues, video's and other things to get the audience involved.

Ideology- Rock sound have made the main feature The gaslight anthem because they have reached a new stage, where they feel like they have improved, they also talk about their new album and what influenced them. This catchers the readers eye, because you want to know what the album is going to be about before its released to help the fans know if they will like it or not. They also talk about their lives, which gives the readers more information on their personality. On the front cover they also show the other bands featured in the magazine, and also tells you that their are free posters inside and that you can win a chance to the sonisphere tour.

Audience- I think that Rock Sound magazine targets an old audience than NME and Kerrang, because its more mature and uses technical language, they also feature more mature bands and also new emerging bands, so i would say that the target audience would be 17-30, i would also say that its targeted more to males than females and would say its slightly sexist as it makes use of more male singers/bands. the SEG would be around C1-D because its targeted for more sophisticated people.

Representation- The gaslight anthem on the front cover are represented as being more mature now after their 3rd album, you can tell this as they are just standing whereas most bands pull faces, they are also wearing the same colours clothes as the colour of the text so that it contrasts. They have also made it clear to show the lead singers tattoo's. On the contents page, the have made a list of pages that have main features on them which is easier for the reader to find what they want. On the double page spread of The gaslight anthem, the band wear reds, blacks and whites, which contrasts with the background as the text is in white with a read border around.

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