Wednesday, 10 November 2010

LIIAR interpretation of the brief

Language- The front cover is the most improtant part of the magazine, as it needs to be appealing and so i am going to use approrpiate colours a maximum of 3, not to mess it up, i will probably use the colours similar to colour of the clothes my band/singer will be wearing. It would be effective to use a mid-shot of the person/people to show their emotion this could also link with the caption and what will be talked about in the double page spread. For the masthead, i need to use a bold font and text to make it stand out, then to make the other pages contrast with the front cover i will use the same font and colour.

Institution- I think if my magazine was produced by an existing company, they would promote it and put it out to the public and that would make it really popular, but i want to go for something different to other rock magazines. As kerrang, NME and Rock sound are all very popular rock magazines, i need to make it appeal to my target audience by making the magazine cheaper or putting a lot more posters/stories in it. I am also going to call my magazine something that represents the genre of music, so that the public know that its a rock magazine.

Ideology- I need my magazine to make a big impact on people, this will be done by making the front cover as best as it can be, by getting a very appealing picture, with juicy headlines, features of other bands, and posters and quizzes.

Audience- My target audience is going to be people that like this specific type of genre ovbiously, i think that mostly young people listen to this genre of music and so i am going to target ages 15-20, although most people would argue that rock/metal is more for males, but through experience i know a lot of females that read rock magazines and also enjoy the music. The SEG im targeting is C2-E, as high class working people from A-C1 would not read this magazine, they are stereotypically into classical, jazz music.

Representation- I think it would be appropriate to make the front cover, be the main story in the actual magazine, as thats the main reason people buy it, because they know that it has a big story on maybe their favourite band. I think its good to represent stories positively and negatively because then it shows that you are not biased towards your own magazine, and you are not biased towards the singers/bands that are going to be in the magazine.

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